My name is Lainie and I love to make things.  Things made from paper, things made from beads, things made from wool, and especially things made from fabric.

I used to sew a lot for myself and upcycle second hand t-shirts for my son, Cameron, but it was when my daughter Sophie was born, that my need to make things really took off.  I started my blog Maker*land, where I blog about my creative successes (and failures), share recipes and write up tutorials to make all sorts of things.

Now that my youngest is in kindergarten, and I have a bit of extra time on my hands, I've decided to sew up a few things and offer them for sale.  I favour classic designs that are reminiscent of a more carefree and less complicated childhood.  However, I love to occasionally throw a twist of theatre amidst things - a pair of angelic wings that attach to the back of a simple tunic, a sparkly bow at the neck of a classic blouse, or perhaps a cute bonnet with animal ears - clothing that invites a child to dream or play.

All of my items are made using locally-sourced new and/or up-cycled fabrics, which means most pieces are very limited, and in some instances, one of a kind.

New pieces are being added to the shop all the time - please visit often to see what's new!  You can also find us

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